miRNA Analysis
Demo Results
Raw data size: 613 MB
Time used: 47.4 hours
Raw data size: 524 MB
Time used: 302 hours
Test Data
  •  SOLiD Test Data
  •  Solexa Test Data
Sequencing Platforms
Both SOLiD (Applied Biosystems) and Solexa (Genome Analyzer of Illumina Inc.) sequencing methods were supported now.
Sequencing method: *
Raw Data Upload
We only support uploading a single file. If you have more than one file, please merge them before uploading. Moreover, we request the uploaded file format is fastq-illumina format for Solexa or csfasta format for SOLiD, and it should be compressed (*.zip or *.tar.gz) before uploading. The size of the file should be less than 2GB.
Launch with test data: (Mouse,60KB,reads number 3321) (Human,5.3 MB,reads number 125,000)
Reference Preparation
The following species in drop down list could be analyzed directly. If you required other species, please contact us.
Species: *
Advanced Options
We provided the default values for the options in the following box. You could rewrite them when necessary.
Remove adaptor sequences
    3กฏ adaptor sequence: *
   5' adaptor sequence:
Select reads length (Example: "18-30")
    Reads length: *
Set adaptor sequences
    adaptor sequence *
Email Address
Please provide an email address for your result, or bookmark the result page by pressing down the 'Bookmup this page' button on the top of the result page.
Email address:
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