Function Analysis
  DEGSeq Analysis: free R package for identifying differentially expressed genes (DEGs) from WAPRNA data. Users could identify differentially expressed genes between two samples directly, just need to upload file or use our test data as DEGseq input data. Only when users have more than two samples¡¯ annotation result, this tool is useful.     GO Analysis: one of the daily tools for downstream gene functional annotation. We integrated the GO database and exploited the analysis tools for convenience analysis. Users could upload their requested files or use our test data and set corresponding parameters to analyze and browse the GO function category.
  KEGG Analysis:a collection of manually drawn pathway maps representing our knowledge on the molecular interaction and reaction networks and also on the structure relationships. We integrated the KEGG database and exploited the analysis tools. Through activation the ¡°submit¡± option, you could draw figures and get the gene list information.   Target Prediction:A challenge ahead will be to identify the targets of small RNAs. Since each microRNA can target several mRNA sequences, this will be a daunting task and will require the aid of computational target prediction tools. a number of algorithms have been developed which can be used for microRNA target prediction.Here, we integrated two popular methods: miRanda and RNAHybrid for miRNA target predication, and the combined genes were listed for each miRNA.
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