DEGSEQ File Format
DEGSEQ analysis function only support upload one file,but you can put two sample in this single file.
1.Upload file column description
All the columns must be separated by a TAB key

The first column must be gene name,
The second column must be chromosome,
The third column must be the name of first sample,
The fourth column must be the name of second sample.

The first line must contains header and each column be separated by Tab key

2. Example upload file
A example of upload file like following:

"geneID" "chrom" "sample0" "sample1" #the header line must be contained

The value of chromosome can be chr7 or chormosome.7 and so on
The value of sample0 is the reads number of accordingly gene about sample0
The value of sample1 is the reads number of accordingly gene about sample1
3. Download test data
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