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Submitted Parameters
Sequencing technology:  Solexa
Job type: RNA
Submit time: 2011-03-28 16:26:07.0
Species: Homo sapiens.GRCh37.62(Human)
Do filter:  No
Choose genome:  Yes
Choose junction:  Yes
Seeds length(-l):  32
Seeds mismatch(-k):  2
Total mismatches(-n):  4
Go level:  2
Do kegg:  Yes
RNA Analysis Result
1.Job Status
You can see the current job status in this part.
2.Quality Distribution Result
This part will show the quality distribution of the raw reads.
3.Mapping result
The statistic of mapped and unmapped reads to genome will be displayed by a chart.
4.Annotation Result
The statistic of annotation will be displayed by a chart.
5.GO Result
The GO result of RNA analysis will be displayed in this part.
6.KEGG Result
The KEGG result of RNA analysis will be displayed in this part.
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