RNA Analysis
Demo Results
Raw data size: 14.4 GB
Time used: 25 hours
Raw data size: 233 MB
Time used: 3.2 hours
Test Data
  •  Solid Test Data
  •  Solexa Test Data
Sequencing Platforms
Both SOLiD (Applied Biosystems) and Solexa (Genome Analyzer of Illumina Inc.) sequencing methods can be supported now.
Sequencing technology: *
Experiment method:
Raw Data Upload
Launch with test data (Human ,55Mb ,reads number 250,000) (Human ,1Mb ,reads number 2,660)
Filter Parameters
Input the threshold value of read quality. Reads that have a quality below this value will be filtered in the mapping step.
Filter low quality reads:
Reference Preparation
Each reference we provided contain two parts: Whole genome sequences [Genome] and Junction data generated from Genbank data [Junction]. You could choose which references you want to do mapping, Genome or Junction or both; we suggest you choose both of them.The species in drop down list can be analyzed directly,if you want to analyse other species, please contact us
Species: *
Choose genome/junction:
Choose genome Choose junction
Mapping Parameters
-t  (Tag length) * -e  (Number of mismatches) *  
-z (Maximum number of hits,default 10) *
Advanced Options
The second class (including cellular component, biological process, and molecular function all) and the third class (one of the three above) were provided for user chooses.
Second class: Second class
Third class: Molecular function Biological process Cellular component
KEGG PATHWAY is a collection of manually drawn pathway maps representing our knowledge on the molecular interaction and reaction networks and also on the structure relationships.
Email Address
Please provide an email address for your result, or bookmark the result page by pressing down the 'Bookmup this page' button on the top of the result page.
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